Author Connor Hoover

Diary of a Unicorn

After the rain, there’s no rainbow. Color is draining from the world!

Shiny Fluffy Hooves gets a new diary for her birthday, just in time for the worst thing that's ever happened in Glitterville. Some creature steals the rainbow from the sky, and Shiny is determined to get it back. All the clues lead to a dragon's cave, but the dragon, Razz, swears he didn’t do it. Shiny sets out alone to find the real thief but is soon joined by Razz on her adventure. Shiny wants to save the world. Razz wants the gold at the end of the rainbow. Can a sparkly unicorn and a fire-breathing dragon work together to find the rainbow before it’s too late?

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# ISBN-13 (paperback): 978-1949717181
# ASIN (ebook): B08HQSHQ7G

An ogre's moved into the neighborhood, and he's not leaving!

When two brave dwarves show up in Glitterville asking for Shiny Fluffy Hooves' help in getting rid of an ogre, Shiny can't wait to use her magic. Finally someone appreciates her! But her magic won't work, the dwarves aren't quite as brave as they say they are, and the ogre is really grumpy. On top of all that, they have to travel through elf country to get to the ogre, and elves and dwarves do not get along. Can Shiny find a way to take care of the grumpy ogre before she and her two dwarf companions become the ogre's lunch?

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# ISBN-13 (paperback): 978-1949717198
# ASIN (ebook): B08KFM2F3Y

The moon is missing! Does an ancient scroll hold the secret to finding it?

The moon is missing from the sky, and Shiny Fluffy Hooves is determined to find it. She and her best friend Star Glitter Tail find an old scroll which they hope can help. They take the scroll to the elves who read the secret moon writing on it. The angry spirits of the north have taken the moon. The only way to get it back is to bargain with them. Shiny, Star, and their two elf companions set out to visit the spirits of the north. But the path is dangerous, and making a bargain with the spirits won’t be easy. Can Shiny and Star find a way to return the moon to the sky? Or will the moon be gone forever?

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# ISBN-13 (paperback): 978-1949717204
# ASIN (ebook): B08LRMF19R

Shiny Fluffy Hooves is going to have the best unicorn Christmas party ever!

At least that’s what she thinks! There will be cookies and a tree and a Secret Santa gift exchange. Maybe a little unicorn magic. What could go wrong? But from the moment Shiny sets out to go searching for the perfect Christmas tree with the coolest unicorn in school, Sassy Mane, and the cutest unicorn around, Dashing Hearts, nothing goes as planned. After a scary storm and even scarier wolves keep the trio out for the night, Shiny Fluffy Hooves discovers neither unicorn is quite what they seem.

Join Shiny Fluffy Hooves and her friends in this touching and fun Christmas tale!

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# ISBN-13 (paperback): 978-1949717211
# ASIN (ebook): B08N55X9S2

Cute Unicorns filled with Positivity

This cute coloring book is filled with happy unicorns spreading messages of love, friendship, and positivity. Perfect for anyone who loves unicorns, it is sure to brighten their day! The book is a wonderful gift for kids ages 4 to 8 years old.

Inside the book are 26 darling unicorns sure to make you smile.
Each unicorn page has a message at the top, encouraging kids to dream big.
Each unicorn page is single-sided, making it great for displaying after coloring.
Fun format and size (7”x10”) makes it easy for kids to take anywhere.

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# ISBN-13 (paperback): 978-1949717396

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